Playing casino games is more popular than ever and this comes down to the range of awesome games to try. Any land-based casino will have classics like poker, roulette and baccarat to tempt players. Online casino play is also very common and has really taken off in the last few years. This is mainly down to the convenience itdelivers plus a whole load of cool games to try out from home.

Resorts Casino sums up what the best NJ online casino platforms offer and has all the casino games you would expect along with amazing customer support. Blackjack is a game many like to relax with and it can be found at all the top sites around. It works a little differently than most other table games though, as you play against the dealer. You may have heard that the dealer in blackjack has an advantage over players and this is true.

But why is this?

Why does the dealer in blackjack have an advantage?

The major edge that the dealer has in blackjack lies in the order of play. As anyone who plays the game knows, the player usually goes first and then the dealer acts second. This necessity for the player to act first is where the advantage lies for the dealer. This is because they can often win without doing anything, if the player busts first. Even if the player stands, the dealer is still in the hand and has the advantage of already knowing what the player has in their hand.

The other edge that dealers have over players in blackjack lies in the rules of some blackjack variants. Some types of blackjack will not make the dealer take another card on a soft 17 hand– for example. There can be times when standing on a 17 wins the hand, so if dealers can do this it gives them an edge in the game.

How can you beat the dealer’s advantage in blackjack?

The hard truth is that there is no way to actually beat the house edge in blackjack. You can, however, find ways to get around it. A classic tip is to use blackjack strategy cards which you can find for free online and use when playing. These cards tell you what you should do in each hand, based on what you have and what cards the dealer is showing.

It is also worth picking which type of blackjack you play carefully. As noted above, small changes to how the dealer must playhave a big impact on overall performance.If you can choose blackjack variants that reduce the dealer’s advantage, you will have more chance of winning.

Dealer always has an edge in blackjack

There are some superb benefits of playing casino games and the choice of top games like blackjack is one. You may have heard of the ‘house edge’ when it comes to casino games though, and blackjack is no exception. If you can find ways to nullify this,the winning odds start to come back in your favor.