Roulette is considered one of the most important symbols of the casino, for a long time it has been called the mother of the most popular games, since it symbolizes the wheel of luck and fortune. Let’s consider the most popular types, of the roulette wheel, the advantages and features of such games.

Roulette types and their overview

French (classical, European) roulette. It is the ancestor of all other species, since it appeared before everyone else. All the existing rules were based on the instructions for playing French roulette. Its wheel is divided into 37 parts. Of these, 36 are divided equally – into black and red. Part 37 is zero, it is colored green. The principle of playing classic roulette is very simple: a player must place a bet on the most approximate number that should appear. If a gambling enthusiast made a bet on a certain number, and he was lucky – it fell out, in this case, the winning will exceed the bet amount 36 times.

There is one more variant of the game: if you wish, you can also bet on “black” or “red” – so, naturally, the chances of winning will increase. But here the question is in the amount of the winnings – it will only double. So if a person believes in a lucky break, or cannot live without a sense of excitement – of course, it is better to try to hit a big jackpot.

There is an exception – this is a zero, if it falls out in bets, it does not close. One more point: if you wish, you can bet on odd or even numbers, but this can be done only in one range (from 1-12, or from 13-24, or from 25-36).

American Roulette

It belongs to one of the varieties of European roulette, its rules and essence are unchanged. But there is also some difference – this is the 38th sector, which is not in French roulette. It is called “Double Zero” and it is designated 00. Zero and double zero are opposite each other, because they divide the wheel into two identical parts.

Card Roulette. Here the player can combine both poker and roulette, which gives much more opportunities, since the player can guess both the suit and the card in order to build complex poker combinations.

The principle of the game at will appeal to supporters of logic games of chance: 52 cards are laid out in ascending order – they play the role of numbers. After that, the dealer gives the player 5 cards. You can choose one of them, it will replace the winning position from the standard roulette.